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Vasantha Sambamurti

Writer / Poet / Editor / Translator

"...intimacy and surprise... lace these poems like a shoe,

tying our attention tight and fast."

- Tobias Wray, judge of the 2021 Felix McKean Memorial Award for Poetry 

"The language grabs you by the shoulders and sits the

reader down to listen." -Sy Hoahwah, judge of the 2020 Lily Peter Fellowship in Poetry 


"...I gasped aloud several times reading these--the slicing-edge of the poems cut

me open and made me want to be filled with a better love." -Sarah Vap, judge of the 2020 Carolyn F. Walton Cole Fellowship in Poetry  

"Unflinching examination of personal and social spheres, with critical commentary on race relations." -reader for 2022 Key West Literary Seminar Emerging Writer Award

Photo: Trina Pham,

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